woodbine bike lanes

The Woodbine bike lanes in Ward 19 have attracted a good deal of attention both for their unique design and uneven implementation. It's the position of 32 Spokes that solutions will be found for the frustrations arising from the Woodbine bike lanes. 32 Spokes is very interested in ensuring that the city's efforts to support safe multi-mode travel in our ward are a success.

32 Spokes, led by former member and former Council candidate Adam Smith, put our heads together to come up with a list of recommendations on fixing Woodbine. That list is here.

Councillor Brad Bradford joined our group's January, 2019 meeting. He re-iterated his commitment to address a number of design and implementation issues on Woodbine. His office remains committed to addressing residents' concerns. 32 Spokes asks that anyone with concerns contact his office directly.

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