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remembering Clayton Barnard and David Delos Santos
"Friends and Families for Safe Streets" wrote a memorial of sorts for someone who was killed on the streets of Toronto two years ago today.
the Commandments of driving in Washington DC
Twitter user Chelsea Allinger posted the following series of commandments on driving in her home city of Washington DC.
Toronto's streets have claimed a 30th citizen this year
We're now at thirty deaths from traffic incidents in 2019, and it's still only September.
20 million rides diverted from TTC
A study at Toronto's Ryerson University has found that ride-sharing apps have diverted some 20 million rides from the TTC.
safe intersections
A friend sent this to me which I thought made a lot of sense.
bikes versus cars
Some interesting ideas in this doc.
a contra-flow lane on Corley Avenue
Living in a city where people routinely are struck down in the streets by an out-of-control driving populace, it's nice to see some small signs of progress.
six people are struck by vehicles every day in Toronto
According to an article in Toronto Life,six people are now struck by vehicles every day in Toronto.
death and destruction on the streets of Toronto
For the third time this week, a major incident on Toronto's roads has injured pedestrians.
Waking Up(right)
For the past few years I’ve been riding single speed bikes, most recently a Fuji Feather.
take action on Danforth bike lanes
Our friends at Cycle Toronto have posted a call to action! Progress on the Bike Plan has been slow, and City Council is planning what to do next.
Utrecht: Planning for People & Bikes, Not for Cars
Canada Day parade
32 Spokes rode in the 2019 East York Canada Day parade.
big news about Danforth bike lanes
Today, Toronto's Infrastructure & Environment Committee passed a series of motions including one for a pilot bike lane to span Danforth Avenue from Broadview in the west to Dawes in the east.
Last year, 41 cyclists were killed or seriously injured – I was one of them
Bronwyn Graves, a Toronto cyclist, writes about her ordeal after being struck and severely injured by a driver in the city who made an unsafe turn.
Action Alert: Write Councillor Bradford now to support pilot protected bike lanes on Danforth
Our friends at Cycle Toronto issued an 'action alert' today.
Doctors launch first physicians campaign for complete streets on Danforth Urge bike lane install
From our friends at Doctors For Safe Cycling: Doctors launch first physicians’ campaign for “complete streets” on Danforth Urge bike lane installation by 2020 For Immediate Release June 20, 2019 TORONTO—Members of Doctors for Safe Cycling today launched a campaign for protected bike lanes on Danforth Avenue.
5 ways bike lanes are good for city businesses
The CBC has a piece today on the positive impacts for cities from bike lanes.
whyIride - Diana
Part of an ongoing series by 32 Spokes members on #whyIride Q.
WhyIride - Gord
Part of an ongoing series by 32 Spokes members on #whyIrideQ, How long have you been cycling in Toronto’s east end?A.
WhyIRide - Kathleen
Part of an ongoing series by 32 Spokes members talking about #whyIride How long have you been cycling in Toronto’s east end?Technically 9 years, but I’ve been biking in Toronto since 2007.
whyIride - Kathryn
Part of an ongoing series by 32 Spokes members talking about #whyIride Q.
whyIride - Michael
Part of an ongoing series by 32 Spokes members talking about #whyIride As a child, riding was about daredevil antics among rows of fruit trees and grapes.
whyIride - Tom
Part of an ongoing series by 32 Spokes members talking about #whyIride Q.
whyIride - Dave
Part of an ongoing series by 32 Spokes members talking about #whyIride Q.
Exploring the neighbourhood in a social ride
Meeting at Woodbine and Danforth A group of us went on a short, social ride on the Victoria Day Monday (May 20, 2019).
#whyIride is a series of posts written by members of 32 Spokes.
vision zero map
Toronto Police Services maintains a map of the deaths and serious injuries resulting from traffic across the city.
Fancy a bike ride to work - ride with 32 Spokes
Bike to Work Day 2014 Group Commute - photo by Marlena Rogowska via Bike Month websiteJune is bike month in Toronto and to kick things off on May 27, 2019 is the 30th anniversary of “Bike to Work Day”.
a public meeting on Woodbine bike lanes
Tonight several of us attended a public consultation held on the Woodbine bike lanes.
bikespace progress
The city's bikespace app, which allows for reporting bike parking deficiencies, has now had well over 700 reports, according to the tool's impressive dashboard feature.
dangerous parking
I spotted this car on Queen street this morning.
crowdfunding a bike lane
An interesting take on working around the usual pattern of positive "civic engagement" resulting in angry back-lash after a bike lane gets built: crowdfunding to gather support and nominal "skin in the game".
an update on Uber bus service
Six months ago, we wrote about the advent of Uber-based bus service in Belleville.
on induced demand and street design
Twitter user Giulio Cescato explains induced demand when it comes to street design and car traffic.
how we subsidize driving
A new article details many ways that the law subsidizes driving.
requested bike parking at 445 Danforth Ave
Tonight I ate at Messini on Danforth Avenue.
stakeholders meeting on Woodbine bike lanes
Councillor Bradford of Ward 19 - Beaches-East York - held a stakeholders' meeting on the subject of the Woodbine bike lanes.
requested bike parking at 1093 Woodbine Ave
Riding up Woodbine today I noticed the owners of a convenience store hanging up a new store-front sign.
review of Woodbine Avenue bike lanes
32 Spokes took to Woodbine Avenue to review the road's bike lanes.
requested bicycle parking at 1881 Queen Street East
One of my favorite take-away places is Delina on Queen Street, just east of Woodbine.
Danforth bike lanes are key to a safer, more prosperous city
Our friends at Doctors for Safe Cycling have an article expounding on the virtues of protected bike lanes, and call for them to be installed on Danforth Avenue.
vision zero, 2.0
Toronto's mayor John Tory has announced a renewed approach to to its Vision Zero policy, in which zero pedestrians and cyclists are killed in the city due to braving the city's notoriously unsafe streets.
Nearly one million cyclists per year on Bloor
Our friends at Cycle Toronto published some numbers on the use of the Bloor bike lane pilot.
letter of support for 8 80 Streets Danforth
Today, 32 Spokes sent the following letter to the parties indicated: Good Morning Mayor Tory, Councillor Bradford, Ms.
peak car and the rise of alternative to car ownship
An article in Bloomberg talks about "peak car", and the rise of alternatives to car ownership.
something in the air
This video from the CBC depicts the impact of air-borne particulate.
talking snow removal in Ward 14
Our friends and neighbors in Ward 14 partnered with us in this past weekend's citizen's snow removal effort.
a letter to two east-end councillors on snow clearing
Dear Councillor Paula Fletcher and Councillor Brad Bradford, We are a group of community members from Ward 14 and Ward 19 concerned about the lack of snow clearing in the east end and the slow response from the City regarding this issue.
picked up by Google News
We've had another hit in the media referring to the original CBC piece.
CBC coverage on our dig out
We've had some coverage on the CBC about our action to call attention to the city's inability to plow the bike lanes.
one bike lane dug out
Our gang descended on part of Dundas St today with our shovels to clear a dangerously uncleared section of the bike lane there.
East End Bike Lane Dig Out
When driving gets inconvenient, people get on bikes
This article points out that that when it's easy to drive in a city, people will drive there.
First meeting of the new year - come join 32 Spokes!
The date and time  of the first meeting of the new Ward 19 cycling advocacy group will be  Thursday, January 24th from 7:30 - 9 PM at The Firkin on Danforth;  2057B Danforth Avenue (at Woodbine).
cyclists stoppped by police in Collingwood, citing drone surveillance
Cycling Magazine is carrying a story about a group of cyclists that was stopped by police for running a stop sign that wasn't on their route.
why ride a bike (Tedx)
--Brendan .
The Life-Sized City
The Life-Sized Series is resuming! This TVO series chronicles ongoing city-building in different cities around the world.
Barcelona superblocks
—Brendan Morrissey, 32 Spokes .
jump bikes and the future of streets
--Dave Edwards, 32 Spokes At our monthly meeting tonight, I mentioned this article on Jump Bikes and Uber.
the micromobility podcast
--Michael Werneburg, 32 Spokes An American acquaintance from my professional life sent me the link to this fascinating podcast series, which explores the concept of mobility by micro-vehicles, which are defined by the "podcasters" as anything weighing less than 500kg.
The Woodbine Bike lane anniversary ride
--Kathleen Mackey, 32 Spokes On Oct 14, 2018, a group of us rode the Woodbine bike lane's stretch to celebrate its one year anniversary!  We started at Danforth, rode south to Queen, then looped back up all the way to O'Connor, then back to Danforth.
Why protected bike lanes are more valuable than parking spaces
–Brendan Morrissey, 32 Spokes This is a piece from Vox on how protected bike lanes are more valuable than parking spaces.
from the campaign of Valerie Maltais
The campaign of Valerie Maltais responded to our questions today as follows: 1.
Common myths around the push for safe bike riding
Response to Sept 18 beach metro letter from Dee C.
My wish list for the next electorate...
—Gordon Coutts, 32 Spokes The following letter was written to the editor of the Beach Metro newspaper in response to a letter written by a D.
another fatal collision for a cyclist
A cyclist was killed today in the Broadview and Queen area this evening, according to a report in CP24.
uber for buses in Belleville
—Michael Werneburg, 32 Spokes The CBC is carrying a story about a bus-hailing app trial in the city of Belleville, near Kingston.
Woodbine bike lanes 1st anniversary ride
32 Spokes is proud to participate in a ride to mark the 1st anniversary of the Woodbine bike lanes! Event Date: Sunday, October 14, 2018 - 14:00 to 16:00 Event Location: Danforth Ave & Woodbine Ave See map: Google Maps Welcome Residents! Join us, community members and cycling advocates for a celebratory cycle up and down Woodbine to recognize the bike lanes that have now been in place for one year! These new lanes are an important part of a city-wide network of protected bike lanes on main streets.
Paint is not enough to keep us safe on our streets
—Kathleen Mackey, 32 Spokes A person, who was riding their bike, is in hospital fighting life-threatening injuries after being involved in a collision at Dundas Street East and Logan Ave this morning in the city's east end.
from the campaign of Joshua Makuch
The campaign of Joshua Makuch responded to our questions as below.
from the campaign of Paul Bura
The campaign of Paul Bura responded to our questions as follows: 1.
from the campaign of Matthew Kellway
In response to our five questions, the campaign of Matthew Kellway responded as follows: I support bikelanes in our City and have called for the build out of a connected cycling grid to moved ahead more quickly.
from the campaign of Brad Bradford
The campaign of Brad Bradford responded to our questions as follows: 1.
from the campaign of Brenda MacDonald
The campaign of Brenda MacDonald responded to our questions as follows: Thank you Mary Ann for the opportunity to reach out to your Ward 19 Cycling advocacy group, 32 Spokes.
from the campaign of David Del Grande
We asked the campaign of David Del Grande the five questions we're putting to all candidates in Beaches - East York.
Is BikeSpace the solution to Toronto bike parking
--Kathleen Mackey, 32 Spokes In June 2018, BikeSpace burst on the scene as a solution to Toronto’s bike parking problem.
political will needed to solve city bike lane disparity
The CBC has an article today on the patchwork of bike lane initiatives that are leaving behind some areas of the city.
person cycling killed in Toronto today
Four people cycling were involved in collisions today; one of them died.
from the campaign of Adam Smith
Adam Smith's campaign responded to our questions as follows: 1.
bicycle thefts in east end Toronto
It seems we're experiencing an increase in bicycle theft in Toronto's east end, according to an article in toronto.
from the campaign of Matthew Kellway
We asked Matthew Kellway, a candidate for Council in our Ward 19 about the rumor that he was campaigning to have the Woodbine bike lanes removed.
cycling London’s bicycle super highways
Here is what happens when a truly world class city acknowledges shifting changes in citizen choice for transportation mode.
the Woodbine bike lane consultation process
There has been some discussion across the new Beaches - East York ward during this election about the bike lanes on Woodbine Avenue.
city puts a happy spin on cycling numbers
To the editor of the Toronto Sun; Sue Ann Levy's article of September 6 on the Woodbine cycle lanes raises a number of valid points.
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