letter to the editor of Beaches Metro

Good afternoon, 

As an east-end Toronto resident, I want to say how supportive I am of building a protected bike lane along Danforth. Such a lane would have many benefits. It would give both motorists and cyclists their own separate space—which would make the road much safer for everyone. It would be popular with local residents. An EKOS poll done in January, 2020 found nearly 8 in 10 Torontonians (79%) support the building of protected bike lanes. The lane could also offer a boost to local business. Research published by Toronto's Centre for Active Transportation found that, when bike lanes were built on Bloor street, the number of customers served by merchants went up! Finally, given the climate emergency, we all need to find low-carbon means of travel. What better vehicle than the humble bicycle?

Mary Ann Neary 
Ward 19/Beaches-East York resident

—Mary Ann

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