Toronto's streets have claimed a 30th citizen this year

We're now at thirty deaths from traffic incidents in 2019, and it's still only September. As we enter the most dangerous stretch of the year, I'm concerned that we'll hit forty deaths or more.

I thought, "If this were a disease it would make headlines everywhere," like it did in the SARS epidemic. Then I looked it up. 44 people died in Toronto of SARS in 2003. Last year we lost 41 pedestrians due to collisions and it's right in line with past years so it seems to be taken for granted.

I mentioned this to the others in our 32 Spokes group, and Tom pointed out that the deaths from shootings (at 26) is trailing the fatalities from traffic.

These deaths are all unnecessary and reflect very poorly on this city's sense of priorities. As a city, we're able to discuss giving $500 million in real estate for Google's digital playground, and have allowed Uber to move some 20 million TTC rides annually onto the streets for their private profit as the streets become more congested. But having the leadership to do something about the six people struck by a motor vehicle every single day? Impossible. We won't spend the money to build safe streets. We don't even want to slow down as we ply streets with millions of pedestrians in a city that's growing by leaps and bounds.

When you fail to plan, you plan to fail and Toronto is failing hard.

Once again, 32 Spokes calls upon the city to look at the impact of Uber on our streets and take action to minimize the tens of thousands of new for-hire vehicles. We also once again ask the city to start enforcing the laws; make a concerted effort to stop speeding, stop the running of red lights, and stop the use of side streets as thoroughfares. We ask that the city and the province stop the decades of inaction on mass transit and get something built. And we ask our Councillors to shake off the city's crippling habit of study and start to act: we know how to make changes to street designs that work.


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