take action on Danforth bike lanes

Our friends at Cycle Toronto have posted a call to action!

Progress on the Bike Plan has been slow, and City Council is planning what to do next. This is the good opportunity to let them know what you think!

In late June, the Infrastructure and Environment Committee (IEC) passed the Cycling Network Plan Update and the 2019 infrastructure installation timeline. Here are some highlights of what happened at IEC:

Danforth Avenue: bicycle infrastructure detailed design and pilot project due by Q2 2020, from Broadview Avenue to Dawes Road,

Bloor St W extension: detailed design and consultation, with implementation in summer 2020, from Shaw St to High Park, and

Staff were directed to consider building Complete Streets, including bike lanes, by default any time a street is reconstructed.

This is HUGE and we couldn’t have done it without the help of our supporters. Many of you wrote and called committee members to tell them you wanted to see the Cycling Network Plan happen now.

But we still have one more step: we need to make sure that the Cycling Network Plan is passed at Council - while also reminding the City of Toronto that we need to #BuildtheGrid. This means building a safe, separated network of cycling infrastructure throughout the entire City of Toronto.

Photo: Nicholas Jones

Some Councillors think that a metric should be used to determine whether a street deserves safe cycling infrastructure. But there are many places in Toronto that just aren’t safe to use yet.

icon of bridge in water
You don’t decide where to build a bridge based on the number of people swimming across the river.

The number one reason that people don't ride more often is that they don't have protected routes. If you don't feel safe cycling the entire city, let your Councillor know. Make sure the City knows you're still engaged. Share your story - because everyone deserves to get around safely.

Write to your local Councillor and cc the Mayor and our office - see our sample email below. Add your own personal story to the text and include your name and address!

Sample email:

To: <<Find your Councillor’s email here>>

cc: info@cycleto.ca, mayor_tory@toronto.ca

Sample subject lines:

IE6.11: Toronto needs a network of safe streets for cycling - let’s make it a reality!

IE6.11: I support protected bike lanes on Danforth Ave and extending the Bloor St bike lane to High Park

IE6.11: Let’s get Toronto moving: I support a Cycling Network Plan that gets the network built - now!

Sample body text:

Dear Councillor <> and Mayor John Tory,

I am writing to you today to ask for your support building a network of protected, high quality bicycle infrastructure throughout Toronto. The Cycling Network Plan has a lot of projects that need to be built. In particular, I want to emphasize my support:

  • Building protected bike lanes on Danforth Ave between Broadview Ave and Dawes Rd,
  • Extending the Bloor St bike lanes west to High Park, and
  • Ensuring that a connected network of cycling infrastructure is built throughout the City

There are also some parts of Toronto I would love to bike in, but they don’t have safe streets. I would take more trips by bike if there were more safe, convenient routes—and I would like to see a complete street approach implemented to make sure that this happens.

We need to start building the network in the Cycling Network Plan. The 2019-2021 Implementation Program is a good start and we need to ensure that bike lanes on Bloor and Danforth are built—now. Cycling as a mode of transportation is growing in popularity in the City. In neighbourhoods with access to safe, protected, convenient cycling infrastructure, cycling mode shares are as high as 34%! But not everyone lives near protected cycle tracks or dense trail networks; and everyone deserves a safe route to get around.

I want the City to #BuildTheGrid. At City Council, make sure you vote to support the Cycling Network Plan and also work to ensure that it is implemented on time. We can’t lose this opportunity to expand mobility options across the City.


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