bikes and cars sharing the road

Drivers and cyclists in our ward can safely share the road. We're exploring the idea of a cyclists' code of conduct, for instance.

The city of Toronto has produced some graphics that explain safe sharing of the road by drivers and cyclists. These ads appeared in bus shelters and on the backs of buses in 2018. This page reproduces the city's original.

Bike Box: Get Behind it

On a red light:

When light turns green:

Shared Lane: Respect it.

  1. Bicycles and cars share the road.
  2. Cars, wait behind bicycles until it is safe to pass.
  3. When passing give the bicycle one-metre safe passing clearance.

Right Turn: Check It.

  1. Cars and bicycles, be aware of each other at intersections.
  2. Right-turning cars, when the line is solid, yield to bicycles and pedestrians and turn when safe.

Green Paint: Look for it.

  1. Green paint helps all road users see the cycling lane.
  2. Look for green paint at intersections, driveways and laneways.

Bus Space: Share it.

  1. Buses fully enter the bike lane to pick up/drop off passengers at the curb. Wait for the lane to be clear before entering.
  2. Bicycles watch for the buses turn signal. Wait behind bus or pass on the left when it is safe.

Banner photo by Max Bender on Unsplash

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