We are 32 Spokes, a non-partisan cyclist advocacy group promoting cycling safety in Toronto's Ward 19—Beaches and East York. We are volunteer residents, self-organized and funded through donations.

Our Goal

To promote cycling in the ward. This is both through community events to assist cyclists and increase the public's exposure to cyclists, but also at the political level to advocate for better cycling infrastructure, making cycling safer both for the well-being of present cyclists, and to encourage more people to cycle.


We have been active since the very start of the Toronto Cyclists Union in 2008 with Doug Lee and Rob Wallis as the Ward Captains. We soon developed a core group of 5 or 6 people who met once a month in MacCarthy's pub, then from 2010 we moved our meetings to The Feathers on Kingston Road. Following the merger of the former Wards 30 and 31 into the new Ward 19, we've moved our meetings to a more central location of that new geography.


Your ward Captain is Mary Ann Neary. At present we have over 25 cyclists on our email list. Most members of the group are also involved with other cycling groups and some volunteer at TCU activities, attend city-wide TCU meetings, and keep an ear to the ground on political issues that affect Toronto cyclists.

What we do

We run events at the East Lynn Farmer's Market, the Ward 32 Environment Day, the Ward 32 Green Fair, facilitate a Bike Valet at the Beaches Jazz and Blues festivals, and others. Future events may include a biking treasure hunt, a biking ‘ward tour’, CAN-BIKE courses and school events. We are also working with our local Councillor to implement our 'wish-list' of realistic cycling infrastructure (see 'Ward 32 Cycling Infrastructure: Proposed Improvement Plan' below).

If you are interested in helping advocate for cycling at any level in our ward, have any ideas for events, or just want to meet up with other cyclists within the ward socially, please use the form below.

Find us on Facebook and Twitter. Or send an email to 32spokesTO@gmail.com.